FREEZELIGHT single pre-release of the upcoming EP

FREEZELIGHT is the brandnew single by Topazz coming in September 2021 and – at the same time – a pre-released track of the upcoming Topazz EP “Phoenix from the Ashes“.

FREEZELIGHT will be released as single with various versions/edits and as bonus track on the upcoming EP.

The track is characterised by its special arrangement of synthesizers, real drums played by Aina plus drum programming made by Aina including a number of percussion layers as the result of the hard studio work by the two masterminds Aina and Tom.


  • Release date: October 15, 2021
  • Label: TMM Stardust
  • UPC: 4061707669910


  1. Topazz – Freezelight 04:38
  2. Topazz – Freezelight (Unusual Edit) 05:02
  3. Topazz – Freezelight (Unusual Extended Edit) 07:36
  4. Topazz – Freezelight (Madisons Short Cut) 04:48
  5. Topazz – Freezelight (Madisons Extended Cut) 07:33
Freezelight by Topazz
Freezelight by Topazz