Topazz on “Cruse Control 2k22: the Chill House Files”

The relaxing beats of chill house are really popular. The new compilation by Chilling Grooves Music contains a number of the currently best tracks of this sub genre. Topazz is also included.

Tom from Topazz describes it as follows: “For me, Chill House is something like the sight, smell and enjoyment of long drinks, the sweeping view of nature or out to sea. You are with cool people on the beach, in the park or in the forest and just dance or just chill. In my head there are incredibly relaxed images when I hear Chill House. “

For some it’s the epic synthesizer pads, sometimes it’s the jazzy chill house tracks that cast a spell over people. “Cruse Control 2k22: the Chill House Files” offers a wide range of tracks from this subgenre.

Topazz are represented with the track “Free”, which has an extremely jazzy vibe. Aina from Topazz says: “We haven’t invented anything new with FREE, but it’s our second very jazzy track. We like jazzy music very much and want to continue to open up to this influence in the future.”


  • Release date: December 17, 2021 worldwide
  • Label: Chilling Grooves Music
  • UPC: 4061707687686


  1. Alex Nöthlich – Take It Back (Clean Label Music)
  2. Stefano del Mare – Gin Tonic (Beatbridge Records)
  3. Dedication1 – Moonlight (Extended Mix) (Chlli Records)
  4. Bahia Palace – Surfing on Mercury (Gerrlich Studios)
  5. Jutkin Nguyen – DN Lofi (R77 Studio)
  6. Bahia Palace – Night drive on Saturn (Lo-Fi Mix) (Gerrlich Studios)
  7. Passmic & teachme – Dream About You (Instrumental Chill Edit) (TP Records)
  8. aMEW Music – Distant (aMEW Music Inc.)
  9. Edinburgh Council – Late Night Delusions (Cut)
  10. Random Classes – Get Good Vibes (Quadriga Recordings)
  11. Axcel Lence – Your Eyes (eeprecords)
  12. Räubermukke – Metheny (Räubermukke)
  13. Babah – Journey (Mutant Bit)
  14. Ron Ractive – Eistaucher (Kling Mix) (Styledriver)
  15. Topazz – Free (Beach Club Edit)
  16. Livetime – Lake Party (Livetime Records)
  17. Valerie Stancil – Faded Love (Galaxy Echo)
  18. Chillelektro – Sines (Nidra Music)
  19. Mandala Fields feat. Fin Moyee – Re-Think (Jlmusic)
  20. Onnote – Blind Bird (Hardware Live) (Onnote Records)
  21. RFR – Home (Dream Mix) (Beatbridge Records)
  22. Pamela Schweizer – Drop of Champagne (Galaxy Echo)
  23. Alberta Hickson – Another Party (Galaxy Echo)
  24. Marlaine – Sommer so vermisst (Marlaine Music)
  25. Alex Jobs – Daily (Favorite Music Records)
  26. Tropischer Dany – Clownfisch (Tropischer Dany)
  27. Axcel Lence – No Regrets (eeprecords)
  28. Luis Murrell – Bullseye (Dream Stream)
  29. Dance Myrial – Dreams of Times Gone By (Dream House Extended Version) (Backwind Music)
  30. Hope Anson – Last Sip (Dream Stream)
  31. Babah – Opium (Mutant Bit)
  32. Spiritual Soul – Call Me (Chillhouse Version) (Lounge Bazar)
  33. Josep Talaia – Postre Casero (M.E.S.S. Music)
  34. Charlie X2C – Lola (Krach Machen Records)
  35. Flow And Physics – What the Heck (Krach Machen Records)
  36. Darin Finney – The Man Within (Dream Stream)
  37. Miki Gold – Wanna Stay (Jazzy Beat Records)
  38. Thunderb0rd – Untamed Paradise (Dream Stream)
  39. PAD Productions – So I Go Away (Not enough Music Productions)
  40. Axcel Lence – Roses in Rain (eeprecords)
  41. Marlaine – Sommer so vermisst (DeKay Version) (Marlaine Music)
  42. Ely Blk – Take a Shower (M.E.S.S. Music)
  43. Gazdabolt – Wind Words (Liming Vibes)
  44. Ron Ractive – Locator (Radunz & Leitner Mix) (Styledriver)
  45. Ghedzo – Come On (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
  46. Flow And Physics – Witness (Krach Machen Records)
  47. Robert Carollo – Journey into Sound (robro records)
  48. Mabu – Milligrams (Order To Dance)
  49. Señor Torpedo – Water Love (dada inc. rec)
  50. Schwarz & Funk – Great Plains (Beach House Mix) (boxberglounge)
  51. BRITTANNI feat. Laura Mills – AnyWhere (Music Department)
  52. Josep Talaia – Sand and Sea (Radio Version) (M.E.S.S. Music)
  53. Frank Kramer – Berlin Chill (Big Drum Mix) (Moddelay)
  54. Schwarz & Funk – Into the Blue (Beach House Mix) (boxberglounge)
  55. Robert James Perkins – Echos (Extended Version) (Beatzekatze Records)
  56. Mathew Brabham – Upside Down (Dukadelik Remix) (City of Drums Chill)
  57. This Bionemis – Runder Tisch (Fabrikwerk)
  58. Chiffre 100 – Bee’s Knees (Nidra Music)
  59. Klangreisender feat. Moodleak – Vater (Mellowave Records)
  60. Robert Carollo – Dandelion (robro records)
  61. Shympulz – Sommer tanzt (Shympulz)
  62. Dance Myrial – Inner Peace (Chill House Maxi Version) (Backwind Music)
  63. Invisible Tune – Sunshine (Beach Lounge Mix) (Sbl Records)
  64. Xplore – City Lights (Subspace Transmissions)
  65. Tony Adamo – Etoile (Radio Edit) (Tony Adamo)
  66. Modis Chrisha – Drifting (Modis Records)
  67. Kidd Salute – Lift up Feelin (Big Chest Records)
  68. Floyh – Gabenlied (IBEATLE DANCE)
  69. Sigrun II – Be Right Back (Liming Vibes)
  70. Sgt.Elias – Just Five Minutes (Strange Stereo Storm Records)
  71. Alimba – You Know (Clubmix) (Smily-Records)
  72. Can Casar – Know You (White Rooms)
  73. Traumreise – Traumreise (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
Cruse Control 2k22: the Chill House Files
Cruse Control 2k22: the Chill House Files