World-wide bundle release: “2021 (The Singles So Far)”

The year 2021 is the year of Topazz’s change. Some of the single releases have become more electronic. Nu disco and deep house are mostly out of the focus of Topazz now. Well, maybe not completely, but in the future it is still conceivable to see or hear the new cast member Aina together with Tom as Topazz well beyond the club dance floors.

The worldwide bundle release: “Topazz – 2021 (The Singles So Far)” from the TMM Stardust label completes the “conversion phase” at Topazz and is also the opportunity for you to purchase four Topazz tracks at a bundle offer price for your music library at home.

Thanks to all Topazz listeners and fans for your continuous support!


  • Release date: October 8, 2021, world-wide
  • Label: TMM Stardust
  • UPC: 4061707694059


  1. The City is on Fire (Radio Edit) (04:04)
  2. Machine (05:22)
  3. The Unknown Element 119 (06:29)
  4. Free (Beach Club Edit) (03:33)
Topazz – 2021 (The Singles so Far)