“Seegeflüster 2K22: Deep House Edition” in April 2022

Spring 2022 is weighing in 😁 and despite of other Topazz activities, the compilation releases continue!

“Seegeflüster” is the german term for “whisper of the sea” and part of the title of Chilling Grooves” relaxing house compilation “Seegeflüster 2K22: Deep House Edition” to be released in April 2022.

Many older deep house fans and clubbers may remember legendary Topazz gigs between 1998 and 2016 on the beaches of Ibiza and the Canary Islands, on the beaches of Brazil etc.
As recently the singles “Free” and “Miami Beach Chillhouse” suggest, Topazz still have the vibe of the sea even in their new line-up.

And now Topazz and their “The Unknown Element 119 (Beach Party Edit)” appears in “Seegeflüster 2K22: Deep House Edition” that takes you on a journey to the melancholy of the sea, cool beach parties and sunsets by the sea.


  • Date: April 29, 2022, worldwide
  • Publisher: Chilling Grooves
Seegeflüster 2k22 Deep House Edition
Seegeflüster 2k22 Deep House Edition