For the first time, Topazz are no longer releasing a pure 1-track single. First glimpse into the new era.

“Freezelight” appears as a 5-track maxi single. Included are the normal single version plus 4 other versions. Release date is October 15, worldwide.

“Freezelight” is deep house … but Topazz are trying out new things. While most of the creators let off steam on their launchpads, midi keyboards and DJ consoles, Topazz are not going “back to the roots” but “forward to the roots”. The instrumentation is also suitable for band performances. But for now … some details about the current release.

One element of “Freezelight” is the chorus, paired with sparkling synthesizer interludes and Tom’s synth solo. In the unusual edits we hear Aina playing acoustic drums. Aina and Tom recorded the bass lines with acoustic bass guitars.